Business Continuity


Business Continuity

A disaster or cyber-attack can strike at any time causing disruptions or closing a business. OCS IT focuses on business resiliency by implementing strategies that help minimize downtime and data loss before a cyber breach occurs. Threats can be identified and neutralized before they become larger issues.

Make Your Business Resilient To Cyber Attacks

Threats can be identified and neutralized before they become larger issues.

We conduct an initial client-specific risk assessment and deploy preventative measures that mitigate the impact of potential threats. OCS IT maintains ongoing preparedness to facilitate effective incident and crisis management, with prioritization on eliminating data loss, limiting downtime, and sustaining business continuity.

Aspects of our focus on Business Resiliency include comprehensive risk assessment, managed backup with cloud sync & hybrid virtualization, 24/7/365 server and network infrastructure monitoring, Cyber security and awareness training, managed anti-virus and anti-malware client, quick incident response, experienced incident and crisis management, client value protection, proactive resource planning and limited downtime.

Alarming Internet Security Trends


Average number of days to identify and contain a data breach


Average number of times hackers attack in a day.


Average cost of a ransomware breach in 2021.

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Cyber Security

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