Phishing Attacks

When An Employee Causes A Data-Breach

Jennifer is a rock star employee. She’s always on time. She is friendly, hard-working, and goes the extra mile to make sure she knocks every project out of the park! The CEO adores her! There’s just one thing, Jennifer just cost her company tens of thousands of dollars because she was responsible for the release of private and confidential client information. Yikes! How did this happen? We can explain.

Jennifer was going about her busy day when an email came in that looked legitimate. She had no idea it could be harmful and damaging to the entire company that she works so hard for.  The email looked a little different, but being the super employee she is, she didn’t want to miss any critical information. So she opened it, resulting in the encryption of private company files. She immediately called IT, but it was too late.

The IT department spent the entire weekend trying to get the company files restored. The scammers wanted $100,000 to unlock the encrypted files. Management was involved, and the business was completely shut down. Jennifer felt awful. How could this happen to such a fantastic employee? Would she lose her job? Would she be responsible for the payment to the scammers?

This story happens every day in corporate America. It is often hidden from general knowledge in an attempt to protect the company’s reputation. However, this needs to be addressed by every business, large and small, operating today. Optimized Computer Solutions incorporates employee training as a key part of their security offering. Through this training, as well as regular testing, we help reduce the risk to companies by showing their employees how not to become a victim, like Jennifer, by simply opening the wrong email.

We want to shine a light on the real ramifications of cyber-attacks within a company. We also want to help by implementing solutions that lower the cybersecurity risks for businesses. Protect your company and see the OCS difference.

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