Why You Need A Password Manager

Why Do I Need A Password Manager?

The average internet user has tens if not hundreds of different types of accounts. By 2020 it is predicted that the average user will have at least 207 individual accounts. No one can create or remember that many passwords without help. After all, you can only create so many unique passwords (you are creating unique passwords, right?) on your own. For these reasons, we strongly recommend utilizing a password manager.

A Quick Intro To Password Managers

Password Managers allow you to store all your passwords in a single secure and encrypted location.  They also have many other features such as random password creation and auto-fill of credentials on websites. There are many options to choose from (LastPass, 1Password, Dashlane are a few examples) and most are free.  Once a password manager is employed, you only need to remember ONE password – the one used to access your manager.

One Password, Make it Strong & Don’t Forget

The password used to access your Password Manager (also called the “master password”) is the key to the castle, so make sure that it is strong and something you will not forget!  Be sure to follow our Creating A Strong Password blog when creating your master password.  Adding a password manager will take upfront work and effort to learn; however, your efforts will be highly rewarded by increasing your cybersecurity defense by leaps and bounds!

Password Manager Tips & Tricks

Choose a password manager that best fits your personal needs

Use the password manager to create and track random passwords for all your sites

Make sure your password manager password follows strong password protocols

Ensure you do not use your master password anywhere else

A lost master password can not be recovered easily or at all in some cases. Although not ideal, we suggest recording and storing your master password somewhere secure