Joe Goldstein, Cybersecurity Expert

Video Chat With Business Coach Gustavo Romero

Family guy, Joe Goldstein gives an overview on how his career in IT and cybersecurity began; including how he got started in the field, how he progressed into cybersecurity and healthcare IT, and his transition to where he is today at OCS IT.

OCS IT’s humble beginnings started in May of 2009 with encouragement from Joe’s wife, Jacqueline. The company’s first big break was a year long term contract with a New Jersey hospital system. He packed up and moved to New Jersey. Little did he know that this would be the launching point for what OCS IT is today. Some of the people he met at that time would later become clients. From these clients, many other word of mouth referrals would lead to more practices spread across the county and it all skyrocketed from there.

Today’s OCS IT has offices in south Florida, three employees, and other techs that come in on an as-needed basis. “We have provided services nationwide since we started. Our motto has always been, “Wherever you are, we can support you,” says Joe. “We’ve been very successful in that motto.”

Most of the problems people face in the IT industry are software-related or, more commonly, human error. Proper employee training is key to a companies cybersecurity strategy. Joe’s number one quality that he has used to get him where he is today is that he is driven and never gives up.

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