22 04, 2021

Phishing Attacks: When An Employee Causes A Data-Breach


BLOG Phishing Attacks When An Employee Causes A Data-Breach Jennifer is a rock star employee. She’s always on time. She is friendly, hard-working, and goes the extra mile to make sure she knocks every project out of the park! The CEO adores her! There’s just one thing, Jennifer just cost her company tens of thousands of dollars because she was responsible for [...]

Phishing Attacks: When An Employee Causes A Data-Breach2021-08-25T21:02:17-04:00
17 07, 2017

Smishing is Phishing


BLOG Smishing Is Fishing Criminals have began targeting you through your Smartphone with an obscure smartphone shopping scam called "smishing". They are sending texts that trick you into doing something against your own interests. Today marks an obscure shopping scam going on. Starting off with a text invite asking you to send an email for more info, which then gets you wrapped up in the [...]

Smishing is Phishing2021-08-25T20:48:04-04:00
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