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3 10, 2019

2FA Is A Passwords Best Friend


BLOG 2FA Is A Passwords Best Friend A Must Have Companion For Your Passwords You have strong passwords (right?). You are lying when answering your security questions (great!). Now it's time to start using 2FA. It might sound complicated, but 2FA is a simple and effective way for you to verify your identity. 2FA also greatly reduces the chance of your data [...]

2FA Is A Passwords Best Friend2021-08-25T21:36:37-04:00
3 10, 2019

Honesty Is Not The Best Policy For Security Questions


BLOG Honesty Is Not The Best Policy For Security Questions Security Questions Are A Security Risk You understand the need for strong passwords to safeguard your personal data. But, are you aware of the risk posed by security questions? These questions are common, very problematic and quite simply not secure. Most of the security questions employ very simple and personal questions like, [...]

Honesty Is Not The Best Policy For Security Questions2021-08-25T21:30:00-04:00
2 10, 2019

Creating A Strong Password


BLOG Creating A Strong Password What To Do And What To Avoid Contrary to popular belief password management is quite simple. All you need is to learn a few tricks. Let’s review what should be avoided when creating a strong password: Don't Using Common Words or Phrases. These are susceptible to both human and computer-based dictionary attacks (e.g. password, iloveyou, 123456, qwerty). [...]

Creating A Strong Password2021-08-25T21:24:21-04:00
17 07, 2017

Smishing is Phishing


BLOG Smishing Is Fishing Criminals have began targeting you through your Smartphone with an obscure smartphone shopping scam called "smishing". They are sending texts that trick you into doing something against your own interests. Today marks an obscure shopping scam going on. Starting off with a text invite asking you to send an email for more info, which then gets you wrapped up in the [...]

Smishing is Phishing2021-08-25T20:48:04-04:00
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