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22 04, 2021

Phishing Attacks: When An Employee Causes A Data-Breach


BLOG Phishing Attacks When An Employee Causes A Data-Breach Jennifer is a rock star employee. She’s always on time. She is friendly, hard-working, and goes the extra mile to make sure she knocks every project out of the park! The CEO adores her! There’s just one thing, Jennifer just cost her company tens of thousands of dollars because she was responsible for [...]

Phishing Attacks: When An Employee Causes A Data-Breach2021-08-25T21:02:17-04:00
9 04, 2021

Joe Goldstein, Cybersecurity Expert, Video Chats with Business Coach, Gustavo Romero


BLOG Joe Goldstein, Cybersecurity Expert Video Chat With Business Coach Gustavo Romero Family guy, Joe Goldstein gives an overview on how his career in IT and cybersecurity began; including how he got started in the field, how he progressed into cybersecurity and healthcare IT, and his transition to where he is today at OCS IT. OCS IT’s humble beginnings started [...]

Joe Goldstein, Cybersecurity Expert, Video Chats with Business Coach, Gustavo Romero2021-08-25T21:20:47-04:00
23 03, 2021

The Pros and Cons of Hiring a Professional IT Company vs a Full-Time IT Employee


BLOG Should I Hire IT Staff Or Outsource My IT? When you have a business, you know you need IT services. This may not be in your realm of expertise. Therefore, you want someone to come in and take care of this for you, so you can run your business without worry! But what is the next step? Let’s break this down so [...]

The Pros and Cons of Hiring a Professional IT Company vs a Full-Time IT Employee2021-08-25T22:40:53-04:00
4 05, 2020

Does Your “Computer Guy” Respect You


BLOG Are You A Victim Of "Computer Guy" Abuse? Does your current computer guy fix things, then make fun of you? Does he tell you to "MOVE, I'll fix it"? When you hang up, do you feel like a nitwit just because you asked for support THAT YOU PAY FOR? If you are experiencing some of these difficulties, know you are not alone, [...]

Does Your “Computer Guy” Respect You2021-08-25T22:32:37-04:00
29 04, 2020

Humans Are The Weakest Link: Security Training Recommended While Working Remote


BLOG Security Training Recommended While Working Remote Humans Are The Weakest Link One of the seismic shifts in the business world caused by Covid-19 is the quick adoption of a remote workforce. With cubicles replaced by couches and communication relegated to the realm of cyberspace, the entire workplace has shifted into our living rooms, dining rooms, and home offices. A distributed workforce [...]

Humans Are The Weakest Link: Security Training Recommended While Working Remote2021-08-25T22:23:26-04:00
24 03, 2020

Coronavirus and Remote Access


BLOG Coronavirus and Remote Access As the world continues to fight the Coronavirus outbreak, the primary way we have been told to reduce the spread is social distancing. For many businesses, that means allowing staff to work from home through remote access. Remote access is when a connection is made to an organization's internal network. This allows you to use your office computer [...]

Coronavirus and Remote Access2021-08-25T22:18:48-04:00
10 10, 2019

Don’t Get Hooked: How To Avoid Being Phished


BLOG How To Avoid Being Phished Every day, cybercriminals are constantly trying to manipulate your and your staff's behavior. They do this by using a stream of emails, texts, and social media messages pretending to be a well-known organization or a friend. Their end game is to trick you into clicking on links or attachments that have hidden malware. The statistics of phishing [...]

Don’t Get Hooked: How To Avoid Being Phished2021-08-25T22:13:38-04:00
9 10, 2019

CyberSecurity Training


BLOG Cybersecurity Training Is The Best Defense To Err is Human Did you know that 95% of security breaches are caused by human error? Cybercriminals attack organizations daily, and their primary target is you and your employees! The best way to fight back is to implement strong cybersecurity training programs and make it a key component of your corporate culture. Think about this - 45% of [...]

CyberSecurity Training2021-08-25T22:02:29-04:00
8 10, 2019

Antivirus Myths And Reality


BLOG Antivirus: The Myths and The Reality Although having smart digital habits are an important line of cyber-defense, antivirus solutions are another important tool for data security. Yet, when it comes to antivirus software, users tend to be extreme in their assumptions. Some believe that installing an antivirus is the only thing that protects data from being hijacked. Other users don’t install antivirus [...]

Antivirus Myths And Reality2021-08-25T21:54:33-04:00
7 10, 2019

Password Manager


BLOG Why You Need A Password Manager Why Do I Need A Password Manager? The average internet user has tens if not hundreds of different types of accounts. By 2020 it is predicted that the average user will have at least 207 individual accounts. No one can create or remember that many passwords without help. After all, you can only create so [...]

Password Manager2021-08-25T21:46:03-04:00
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