2FA Is A Passwords Best Friend

A Must Have Companion For Your Passwords

You have strong passwords (right?). You are lying when answering your security questions (great!). Now it’s time to start using 2FA. It might sound complicated, but 2FA is a simple and effective way for you to verify your identity. 2FA also greatly reduces the chance of your data getting hijacked.

Two-factor authentication implements something you have (i.e. security token, fingerprint, USB key, SMS) in addition to something you know (password). This provides a second layer of protection and reduces the risk of a compromise, even if your account password is hacked. Implementing 2FA requires minimum effort and should be used whenever available. Luckily, many websites and services make the 2FA option available but not mandatory.

2FA Tips

Use two-factor-authentication (2FA) apps (i.e., authy, google authenticator, etc.)

SMS-based verification code is better than nothing, but only use if no other 2FA options is available.

Enable 2FA function on all accounts and applications.

Every day we use secondary protections (car alarms, generators, insurance, etc). Doesn’t it make sense to extend this habit to our digital lives?